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In partnership with Lewis Hamilton, the first MasterClass Community Ambassador, MasterClass will distribute 200,000 free annual memberships to underserved UK communities focusing on organizations serving Black youth and STEAM programming. Through this partnership, Lewis and MasterClass hope to offer new ways of learning and boost students’ opportunities to advance their knowledge and their futures.


Inspire lifelong learning with free access to all MasterClass has to offer.

MasterClass Grants provides donations of MasterClass annual memberships to accredited charitable organizations serving communities in need at no cost to the organization.

Our communities of focus are low-income families, BIPOC youth, and current or formerly incarcerated individuals. If your organization supports one or more of these communities that you believe could benefit from the gift of learning, please submit an application and our team will be in touch.


Looking to partner with MasterClass on a project serving more than 1,000 people?