MasterClass Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We stand against systemic racism and the police brutality that is all too frequently evident in our society.

We believe in the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that Black lives matter. But we recognize that holding a belief isn't enough. These beliefs must translate into visible and deliberate action.

Our team has come together to develop our initial commitments to action:


We will use our platform for change

This company was founded on the belief that education is for everyone. We have committed $2,000,000 in funding towards creating content that inspires and educates in practices for social justice and against systemic racism. This programming will be freely available.


We will amplify diverse instructor voices

Representation matters. Our instructor roster will exceed the diversity of our society. Black voices will be consistently represented in each of our subject categories. Our goal is to achieve this representation through the next 200 instructors we bring to the platform.


We will help build the inclusive world that we wish to inhabit

We will develop and invest in additional strategies to build a diverse workplace, one that is consistent with the diversity of the countries where we are based.


We will add our support to the causes that champion diversity, equity, and inclusion

We have committed up to $500,000 a year for donations and donation matching, directed by our employees, to individuals and organizations that are committed to supporting, advancing, and valuing Black lives.


We will create a company culture that further nourishes diversity, equity, and inclusion

We will hire dedicated resources to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion to support our employee DEI group and our broader team's efforts in this area.


We will ensure the voices of everyone on our team can be heard

We commit to giving our team a full day off for state and federal elections - to ensure they have the time to cast their votes and help others do the same.

This is a journey. We will measure and review progress every quarter with our team, and review funding annually. We will continue to grow and add to these responsibilities. More importantly, we will continue to challenge ourselves to lead and drive change.