MasterClass Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We learn from the best—and we are committed to being our best.

We want to live as global citizens in an equitable and just world where we listen to each other and learn from each other.

Our workplace, workforce, and marketplace approach demonstrate our commitment to move toward this ideal. The broad range of our instructors—and of the classes they teach—demonstrates our commitment to amplify and elevate diverse and disparate voices.

We stand against systemic racism, police brutality, and all acts of prejudice or violence targeting any group of people in our society and communities.

We believe in the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. But we also recognize that merely holding these beliefs is not enough. This is why we’ve committed to visible and deliberate action with these six steps.

Our team has come together to develop our initial commitments to action:


We will use our platform for change

MasterClass was founded on the belief that learning is for everyone. We are committed to creating content that educates on issues of social justice, that inspires activism, and opposes systemic racism.

An example of this commitment is our three-part series Black History, Black Freedom, and Black Love. This commitment is also integrated across our platform with classes that address Feminism, Leadership, Team Culture and Social Change. Our instructors also teach lessons of DEI throughout their classes.  


We will amplify diverse instructor voices

Representation matters. 

By the end of 2026, our instructors will represent the U.S. population across gender, race, and sexual orientation.

Not every point of view will be shared by everyone. But every class will be an opportunity to learn. We encourage you to make your decision to watch accordingly.


We will help build the inclusive world that we wish to inhabit

We will develop and invest in additional strategies to build a workplace that is consistent with the diversity of the countries where we are based.


We will add our support to causes that champion diversity, equity, and inclusion

We have committed up to $500,000 per year for donations—and employee-directed donation matching—to individuals and organizations advancing a more equitable society.


We will create a company culture that further nourishes diversity, equity, and inclusion

We have dedicated resources that focus on leading and developing strategies on diversity, equity, and inclusion, which support our internal DEI initiatives and our broader efforts in this area.


We will ensure the voices of everyone on our team can be heard

We commit to giving our team a full day off for state and federal elections, helping to ensure that they have time to cast their votes—and help others do the same.

This is a journey—and we’re far from its end. We will continue to measure and review our progress every quarter and review our funding annually. As we continue to grow, we’ll add to our responsibilities, continually challenging ourselves to drive change.