We’re proud to unveil a new identity for MasterClass. From a monogram that captures the sense of possibility inherent in learning to an expressive color scheme that brings fresh energy to our platform, this design reflects our cinematic roots and our dedication to inspiring our members to try something new, every day. 

Our new design is a recognition of how much MasterClass has evolved, including our expanding membership and our commitment to increasing the diversity of our world-class instructors. With this new identity, we’re pointing ourselves toward the future: the future of learning, the future of personal growth, and the future of culture.

A key element throughout the new identity is the underscore, which conveys the space that’s up to you to complete: a blank page to be filled, a new skill to be learned. Working with our design partner Gretel, we created an experience each member could own. We’re here to provide you with the tools; the journey you choose is up to you.

We’ve revamped our look, but what we want to share with you remains the same: the chance to gain new skills, insights, and everyday wisdom you can only get from the best. We’re so glad you’re here.